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Please be advised , as of March 1st, 2020 ATOP TV prices will be increasing.  Below is a list all pricing changes as well as the notice provided to us by ATOP.

We at CanDo , do our level best to keep prices low and affordable.  At this time we have no control of this price increase as it is directly from ATOP . We have chosen to make this change 2 months after the initial effective date in order to avoid increased rates to our customers during the Christmas / New year season and allow enough time for customers to be informed of this change.  Customers who's payments are made by pre-authorized payments or credit card will note the changes on there March bill automatically.

Skinny Package           New Price : $19.99 /month (Increase of $2.00)

Skinny Plus Package   New Price : $29.99 /month (Increase of $4.00)

Value Pack (Pick 5)      New Price : $9.99 /month (Increase of $2.00)

We thank you for your patronage,

CanDo Information Technology

ATOP Price Increase – Effective January 1, 2020


Hello ATOP Partners.

You will recall that an email from ATOP a month or so ago. This email outlined some aggressive rate increases, and although we spoke about them, we were a bit surprised, as were you, by that email.


Frontier Networks works very closely with ATOP as the underlying network backbone and content area network. We have the same interest as all Partners to keep prices low, margins as high as possible. In this case, we are aware of content price increases that have been occurring for the better part of a year.


With that said, there is a need for some price tweaking and have come up with this structure:


Skinny will increase by $2.00 to $ 19.99 from it's current $ 17.99.


Value Pack will increase by $2.00 to $9.99 from it's current $ 7.99. It will, however, include AMC.


Additionally, IFC and Cosmo are no longer available to ATOP by Corus.  You will see a bit of this into the future with Disney and others setting up their channels that will be direct to consumer streamed. Ultimately they are no longer available to us (or others). We are adding two new channels in their place. We will advise you shortly on what is selected.

These increases will be used exclusively to fund content price increases and invest in platform stability