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Please fill out your information below and press submit to request a move order.
Once submitted a CanDo team member will contact you with any further information and updates.
Moving Checklist:
  • Pack up items from your internet hardware from your old to bring to your new residence and make sure you can locate them when moving. These may include:

    • Modem

    • Router

    • Remote controls

    • Range extenders

    • Wires, Ect

  • At your new residence, place your televisions, streaming devices, remote controls and wires in the rooms where you want them connected. Unpack your modem and ensure your computer is connected to it and ready to use.

  • Ensure your furniture is not blocking any outlets or jacks, as a technician may need access to them to install your services.

  • If you have a landlord, you may have to ask their permission before any installation takes place. Technicians may drill holes or staple wiring to the wall during installation.

Frequently asked questions:

Is there a fee to move my services?
In many cases, there is no fee to move your services unless changing server types.


How can I prepare for moving day?
Review our moving checklist, which tells you everything you should bring. Our support team will assist you with any further details.


Do I need to be at my new residence on moving day?
Our support team will confirm with you if you will be required to be onsite. If you’re the account holder, you should be on-site if a full installation is required. If you can't be home at that time, please ensure that a representative (over the age of 18), will be on-site to authorize the installation and sign any required documentation on your behalf.

How do I check or change my move appointment time?
Please contact our support team for any updates or changes to your appointment.

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