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Is CanDo TV (Provided by ATOP) available over the public Internet?

  • No CanDo TV (Provided by ATOP) TV is delivered over highly secure and certified lines.  CanDo has a sophisticated back end connection to our private and secure content distribution network. We do it this way to ensure the proper control and accounting of who is watching our channels.

  • If you are on our Internet service and move your connection to another internet provider the service will no longer work. This process is largely seamless to you. Instead of a clunky, overpriced set-top-box, We are an “app” on the Apple, Android and Roku store. Just plug your device into your TV then download the application and enter your CanDo login. Once entered your network connection will be verified as a CanDo customer and that is it. You will be watching high quality, Linear TV for less than you pay today.

  • We effectively utilize our private and highly secure network to transport our channels privately between a series of ‘private connections’ between our head end data center locations (where we pick up the channels) through to our content servers. These serves are not ‘pingable’ via the outside Internet in any way.

Can I use my existing Internet connection?

  • You can if you are on a CanDo I.T. internet connection.  This is a content requirement and part of our digital rights management of the content that we are licensed to broadcast to our customer.

What device do I need for CanDo TV (Powered by ATOP)?

  • Our TV service is currently supported on three Types of Devices

  • Android :  Supported on Tablets and Setup Top Boxes with minimum of Android 4.42

  • Roku : Any Roku device is supported ,  Roku media players start at $45.99 / up

  • Apple TV:  ATOP is available in Apple TV Store , Unfortunately it is not available for Iphone/IPAD at this time.


How accurate is the channel guide?

  • Answer: The channel guide is about 80 – 95% accurate at any one point. We are continually making changes to it to improve its speed and accuracy. The guide is actively updated 24 / 7 / 365. At any point, the guide may experience periods of inaccuracy. We are tracking this constantly. The channel guide currently offers 7 days ahead.

Do you have a PVR?

  • The PVR is provided in a BETA format right now. BETA means that it is still under development. We are committed to a low price to CanDo TV (Provided by CanDo TV (Provided by ATOP)) TV and will note that many of our competitors (both traditional TV and IPTV) have a charge of $ 10 – 25 per month for PVR. We are continuing to lean on a freemium model with 10 hours included and if required in the market, a paid fee for more storage. PVR is an issue as not all content licenses identify the right for us our participating subscribers to record content. This is something that we are working through, and our competitors with the same issue are merely choosing to ignore it.

Are there any contracts?

  • We don’t like contracts and have endeavored to promote the CanDo TV (Provided by ATOP) service with a minimum 30-day billing use.

Can i change my channels?

  • Yes,  you can change you channels or packages at any time.  Just contact us and we will be glad to help.

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