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L&A OSPCA benefiting from local E-waste recycling program

Napanee Today 88.7 myFM News staff May 6, 2021 | 9:30 AM

A local company is collecting e-waste, with all proceeds going directly to the Lennox and Addington OSPCA. CanDo Information Technologies is collecting electronic waste at their store in Napanee. They are asking you to bring in your waste, which they take in for free, and then take the waste to a third party e-waste company, Orga Pro in Belleville, for recycling. While the waste is out for recycling, it is ground down to all of it’s separate materials. myFM Spoke with Mike Shurtliffe, Chief Operations Officer at CanDo Information Technologies, about the collection process

Shurtliffe says they chose Orga Pro because they know the company grinds down waste down to its separate materials, which then all gets reused.

Many people benefit from this service. CanDo IT benefits by repairing any waste that may be within the last few years and is salvageable. They will rebuild or take parts to rebuild, then donate the devices to different organizations.

The recycling company can benefit from this process. They grind up all the waste and is then able to reuse all of the materials ground up.

The Lennox and Addington OSPCA benefits as well as all of the money CanDo IT receives from recycling the waste, goes straight to the SPCA.

We asked Shurtliffe what is being accepted for donation.

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You are able to find a full list of items that can be donated on their website, as well as contact info for dropping off you waste. If you have something you’re not sure about, give them a call. They can give a rundown on what is acceptable or if they can’t take something.

Shurtliffe would also like to ease anyones mind in saying that all hard drives, no matter how old and worn, do get properly destroyed before recycling.

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