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Community Spotlight: CanDo I.T. donate turkey’s to Morningstar Mission Christmas Dinner

/ Napanee Today 88.7 myFM News staff Dec 7, 2021 | 6:00 AM

For a third year in a row, CanDo I.T. have donated turkey’s for the Morningstar Mission’s Christmas Dinner. myFM spoke with Mike Shurtliffe, about why they made the donation. Audio Player Shurtliffe says over 300 people will be benefiting from this donation to the dinner.

This year has been a reported shortage of turkeys. Shurtliffe says no one really had any turkey’s yet, but once they placed their order like in years past, Metro facilitated the whole thing.

He wanted to give a shoutout to Metro, as they offered a $100 discount. Instead of taking the discount, they asked for a $100 gift card for Metro, which they also donated to the Morningstar mission.

Besides the turkeys, they also donated additional personal protective equipment, such as gowns and face shields, for those who will be serving the meal.

CanDo I.T. work with a lot of different organization locally and over seas. Shurtliffe says at heart they enjoy doing philanthropy work and helping those in need.

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