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CanDo TV Service - Powered by ATOP Outages:

Updated: May 10


Date: 04-29-2024

Time: 9:00AM

Current Status: Under maintenance

CanDo Ticket Reference Number: 0012148

Services Affected: ATOP Television

Customers/Area Affected: All ATOP users / ATOP Roku Users


Atop has been actively attempting to repair the guide , during this time channels are not showing current TV shows .


05-10-2024 10:00AM

Roku users are unable to sign into ATOP at this time. ATOP has reassured us they are actively attempting to repair the issue. We have been notified that there is a new app in development that will officer more features and include items such as PPV , PVR ect. We will update customers as soon as any further information has been provided.

Estimated Time For Repair: None available at this time

Customer Requirement: Customers may be required to reboot there equipment when services restored.

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