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Atop is updating its Roku app!

We are happy to inform you that the new revamped Atop TV app for Roku (tvOS) is ready to be released. The new version will have a modern user interface and overall better ease of use, including multiple guide improvements.

Atop is currently releasing the update on Monday March 20th,2023.

Please be aware that you will be signed out and will have to login once you update to the new version. If you are unsure of your login information please check the CanDo sticker located on the top of your Roku streaming device. If you do not have a sticker , please click here to contact us.

You will be able to use the existing app and can choose to update to this newer version as per your own preference. This will only affect customers using the Roku platform (Roku streaming device , Roku TV ect). Once the update has been released our support team will be completing an instruction guide on how to complete this. At this time the update will not be available for those using an Android or AppleTV device however they have been scheduled for a later date.

Our technicians here at CanDo will be monitoring this update and will notify customers of any known issues. For any questions or to contact us click here.

Thank you and enjoy the upcoming updates!

CanDo Information Technologies

Customer Service Team

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