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CanDo TV Setup - Roku TV

Step 1 – Connect your ROKU to your TV and Connect it to the Internet. Once this is completed it will update the software and restart. Do not do anything else with the ROKU device at this time.

Step 2 – Log into Roku and create an account or login to your Roku account.


Step 3 – Link you Roku Device to your Roku account. Using the Link code provided on your Roku Device.


Step 4 – Inside your Roku account within the website. Add a channel with the code ATOPTV


Step 5 – If your Roku Device does not display ATOPTV as an add-on, please go to system and system update. It will then be added.


Step 6 – You can now click into the ATOPTV app on your Roku device and enter the username and Password provided by CanDo


Step 7 – You should now be live.

Handy Tips – Inside the ATOPTV app for a better experience


  1. Menu – Settings – Auto Tune – Auto Tune Off

  2. Menu – Settings – Inactivity Timeout – 4 hours


Handy Tips – Inside the ROKU Settings.


  1. Settings – System – Time – Select correct time Zone

  2. Settings – Screen Saver – Wait Time – Disable screensaver

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