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CanDo TV Setup - Android

Step 1 – Connect your Android device to your TV and Connect it to the Internet.

Step 2 – Log into Google Play and create an account or login to your Google Play account in the Google Play Store.  If you cannot download ATOP from the Google Play Store please click here.


Step 3 – Search the Google Play Store for the ATOP TV app and install it.

Step 4 – When completed , open the ATOP TV app.

Step 5 – When the ATOPTV app opens enter the username and Password provided by CanDo

Step 6 – You should now be live.

Handy Tips – Inside the ATOPTV app for a better experience

  1. Menu – Settings – Auto Tune – Auto Tune Off

  2. Menu – Settings – Inactivity Timeout – 4 hours

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